Improve your rendering - Video tutorial

Tutorial / 02 July 2020

Improve your rendering - Video tutorial

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Rendering and blending is most important thing in digital paintings. In this video tutorial, I'll talk with you about strategies, ways to make it a look more practical and I will show you tips and tricks about blending colors. In this 42 minutes video tutorial, we will improve our 2D rendering skills. This 42 minutes video will help you to level up at rendering skills !

You will get:

-) 42 Minutes video commentary with voice

-) +15 Bonus portrait brushes

-) +10 Bonus personal illustrations (300DPI)

1) Learning to render, blend.

2) Rendering techniques

3) Learning different techniques

4) Demos with Audio commentary.

5) Tips and tricks about rendering, blending.

Thank you for your supports,