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SHADOWRUN Redmond Born


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2 Character's of " Redmond Born " Swick ( left ) and Samarah ( right)

Samarah: A homeless girl on the streets of Redmond, Samarah is the focal point of Redmond Born and the ward of a powerful spirit known as ‘The Hidden’. Samarah’s identity is first uncovered in episode #5, where previously she was one half of the nameless entity commonly refereed to as ‘the protagonist’. – Voiced by Andy Mallet

Swick: A street girl from Redmond, Swick is pretty and headstrong. She gets by on using her cunning along side her looks though she’s never had a knack for lying. Swick is the on and off again love interest of Samarah. She first appears in Redmond Born #1 – Voiced by Amanda Milstein

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SHADOWRUN Redmond Born