I'm digital artist / freelance illustrator, Yaşar Vurdem :) / vurdeM

Many of my followers wanted tutorials from me, 

now I'm here with my first tutorial about body parts. I will do more tutorials about eye, hair, etc. I will do all of them :) also landscapes. Please message me, if you have questions about this tutorials / painting. I will answer questions on tutorials too. 

I created this tutorial for explain tips, tricks about eye. This tutorial includes 10 layers with full descriptions of how I do it ? what I use ?  I'm planning to do more tutorials like that. Please let me know if you like it :) . Hope it will be helpfull ! also I included my 5 personal work on file.

Note : close each layer after check on psd. ( IF you want to directly check it out, It includes jpg's too )

Thank you again for your interests and supports. 

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